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Individual programming: Lijst


One-size-fits-all just doesn't cut it if you truely want to improve. Every athlete has different work-ons and should have custom program tailored to his needs. If your ankles are stable, but your hips are weak there is no point spending 30% of your energy on ankle exercises. By analyzing your movement patterns and sport demands we know in which parts we need to invest.


Your custom program will be fully tailored to your needs and supported by video's of our specialized exercises. The periodization and planning of your program will be designed in order to fit with your team training and competition. This apply's to any sport, whether it's football, field hockey, american football or basketball. We use the TrainHeroic app to deliver your custom program


The TrainHeroic app allows for fast interaction between us. It also allows you to log stuff like: fatigue and muscle soreness. These factors will allow us to provide you with proper feedback and progress or regress the exercise selection where necessary. All with all, the perfect circumstances to truely develop your athletic performance.


Fill in the form below so we can get a first meeting going (free of charge). Once we have captured your needs and wishes I can make you an offer that suits your situation! 

Individual programming: Over mij

Bedankt voor de inzending!

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